Monday, September 11, 2017

When I said quarterly updates...

When I said quarterly updates I meant every quarter of a decade or so. Okay, things got way to hectic, with university only being one huge time sink so I never really had much time to do anything. With that complete, at least for the next year (I am considering going for a Masters degree) I decided to take a look at my older material. With Java already dead on websites and Flash having a 2020 end of life, I have decided to close down Blazing Games. The Flash and Java games that people are interested in will be ported to HTML 5 and moved to my domain (which will be undergoing a major face-lift.

I don't foresee myself doing that much in the way of game jams or home-brew development, though I did post my 2600dragons site which I did as part of my web development course that didn't have a challenge option. It covers how the Atari 2600 works so people interested in how older consoles work may find it interesting.

I am trying to decide if I should post updates about the Blazing Games games that I port here or if I should resurrect my Blazing Games Development Blog even though Blazing Games no longer exists. I am going to try to update either this blog or my Development blog more frequently.

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