Saturday, October 12, 2019

Moving blog to Canada

I have concluded that having two separate blogs is just too big of a pain. I am also thinking that I am better off with longer posts to better cover whatever topic I am discussing. This means that I will not be posting the new blog every week but instead will be cutting down to a long post once a month. Chapters from my animate (and possibly create.js) eBook will be posted once every 3 to 4 months, with posts on other subjects in between the chapter posts. The in-between posts will be about content, game-jam or home-brew content, and articles related to what I am researching with the odd miscellaneous soapbox post appearing related to whatever thing got me angry enough to write a post.

This leads to the next question as to where these posts will appear. While I have nothing against blogger, I would prefer that it was on a site that I control. For that reason I set up WordPress on my site so my blog posts will appear on while my games appear on For the next while, I will probably be posting TLDR summaries on this blog for posts.

The first post will be on Halloween Liche and will be posted next Saturday. I am really tempted to have my first soap-box post next week due to the election in Canada but it is probably best that I avoid politics in my post, unless it is computer related such as DRM or taxing automation.